Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Life Shoes

New Life Shoes
Most of you know that I was recently pregnant.  Our baby girl is about to turn 6 months old so it wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling with all the changes of pregnancy especially the swollen feet in the last months.  Imagine how happy I was when I was invited to participate in the launch of New Life shoes for expecting moms.  I may not be having any more children but I know it was about time someone thought about the changing needs of expecting women when it comes to footwear.

Not surprising, the New Life footwear concept was born at an OB’s office and with the help of a very experienced team and several years of designing, refining, and testing the shoes are now ready for customers.  During the launch the team responsible for these ingenious shoes spoke to media and a group of “mom” bloggers. 

We were able to try a pair on while we felt how all that technology they were describing made for a very comfortable fit.  Here is a little excerpt on that technology from their website:
New Life Shoes feature our one-of-a-kind Z-Fit System (patent pending). There are no laces to tie or re-tie, just a single strap that allows New Life wearers to tighten or loosen the entire shoe with one hand.

The Z-Fit strap is strategically located on the inside of the foot so it’s easy to reach. You’ll never again have to stoop or bend to tie your shoes. Thanks to the Z-Fit System, your New Life Shoes go on easy and stay fit the way you see fit.

Not only easy-on, New Life Shoes are easy on your feet. Our special 5-Layer Cushioning System cradles your foot while providing breathable, moisture-free support. We’ve also included a removable Cushioning Spacer to help create more space and a customized fit for each foot.  All of this technology adds up to a faster fasten, a custom fit and comfier shoe all the way around.

Personally I loved the fit and the overall comfort and would have KILLED for these shoes just seven months ago when I had to live in sandals because they were the only thing that fit at nine months along. I also am happy that the price point is reasonable and that unlike many maternity items that have a limited life span these shoes have use well beyond the last trimester of pregnancy.  Since they are so adjustable you can use them even AFTER your pregnancy is done.

New Life gave the bloggers present at the launch a pair for us.  This said, I have a coworker who is expecting and as much as I liked my sample shoes I knew she would LOVE them even more so I gifted my pair to her.  She is expecting her third child and therefore already does her share of running around after her other two very active pre-school and school aged children… if anyone needs a pair of comfy athletic shoes it’s her.   She wore them the whole day at work and said she has worn them at home and on the weekends while they run around with all her other kids’ activities and reports that they are a comfortable fit. 

So now for the fun part!  New Life Shoes would like to share the “love” so they have very generously allowed me to giveaway a pair in the size and color of the winner’s choice.  If you are expecting, trust me, you want these shoes.  Easy to put on, to adjust, and very comfortable it’s almost everything an expecting mom wants… if only they could also give your feet a massage. J 

Also the first 10 My Tot Travels blog readers to purchase the shoes can get 20% off  with coupon code 1uvqcpyam5z1 on thier web store:

See the Raffle Copter entry form below and follow the instructions to enter.  Winner will be announced Feb. 15, 2012. Shoes will be available to ship around Feb. 24, 2012. Good luck!

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Kristina said...

I like the gray/silver.
Where do I follow your other blog for the entry? I saw no follow button.

Lilliana Perez said...

Hi Kristina, actually it can only be followed by RSS feed. I clarified in the Raffle Copter widget. Just click the RSS feed button on the other blog. Thanks.

SaraG said...

I like the black/silver :)

SaraG said...

Thank you! Can't wait to try them!!