Monday, May 31, 2010

Traveling with Kids- The Expert Series

As summer approaches the travel bug comes with it… maybe because if you have school-aged children this is the best time to travel or maybe because warm weather and sunshine call our names. Whatever the reason traveling is enriching in so many ways for both your children and you but the “task” of travel can seem overwhelming especially if you have children. This welled up feeling of anxiety that creeps into our beings as parents as we prepare for travel inspired me to go outside my own expertise and share other’s advice. The expert series featured here the last few weeks came to an unexpected halt as some of my experts encountered challenges but the response was so positive to the four posts that it is my intention to revive the series next week. Please stay tuned for more great posts on traveling with kids. In the meantime read and share these travel wisdom nuggets and get ready to start your journeys! Picture tips, Travel with Cloth, Music as travel prep, and Prepping for illness while traveling with kids. Happy Travels!