Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a Social Parade!

Kids, Travel, Gardens, Social Parades and Other Posts!!
Almost in order-

Other posts: PLEASE... take a look at the past 4 posts... these are from guest expert bloggers that offer great advice when traveling with kids.  If you don't have kids yourself it's still great info to pass on to anyone who does... Here are the links: Picture tips, Travel with Cloth, Music as travel prep, Dealing with Accidents/illness while traveling.  Happy Travels!

Kids:  I can't believe my daughter is already 2 yrs old and almost 3 months.  I also realized a few of my freinds children are turing 1 in the next day or so and I started reminising.  I wish my little one was still tiny but she is now a full fledged toddler full of independance (although that started way early) and spunk.  How blessed is a mother to see her children grow!  So to all the mom's out there celebrating that first big birthday (well other than the actuall day of birth) CONGRATS!  May you live to experience and enjoy 100 more.

Travel: My husband is having a big birthday in Nov. and we want to celebrate with a trip... not a big deal expect that in addition to now traveling with toddler in tow it has to be a place that would offer something for all of us.  We have been contemplating a Disney Cruise.  Any thoughts?  If anyone has some recommendations we'd love to hear them.  We've never cruised before but we are trying to find something fun for a 2 yr old, and two adults plus some grandparents maybe and an aunt & uncle or two.  Love to hear your suggestions.

Gardens: This morning my toddler had peas for breakfast... yes you read right...PEAS!  But these were not any Peas... these were our own, organicly grown, just picked PEAS from our garden.  Actually she was still asleep when I picked them but when she woke up I took her over to the bowl and showed her the pods she had been seeing in the garden.  She was so excited!  She helped me shell them (mashing a few) and then asked if she could eat them.  Well what's a mom to say OF COURSE!  I thought it was a little wired for breakfast but really they are sweet so why not.  I added a little SmartBalance butter and a tiny sprinkle of salt and microwaved them for 45 seconds.  Cooled them off a bit and then she gobbled up spoon after spoon till they were all gone (a little less than half a cup).  She fed herself and kept saying... rico rico (yummy yummy in spanish since we are working with her on using more spanish in her conversations).  We also picked green beans which she loves so I will cook these a bit tonight and we will have them for dinner... way too many for her to eat alone so mom and dad will have to help.  We still have Cherry tomatos, carrots, and zuchini that we are waiting for... hope these are just as good as our first crop. 

Social Parade: Recently I came across blog hops or linky parties.  I have found some really cool new blogs this way and made some new friends all the while increasing the number of followers to my blog.  I can't recommend it highly enough so instead I thought it was time to participate in my own to show how much I appreciate and like these.    See the info below for deatils if you'd like to participate and if you're here form the Wednesday Link-up I just want to say thanks and hope you enjoy the Blog... Here is the link to our Facebook Page:

It's a Social Parade - Wednesday Link-up is a weekly link-up hosted by Smart and Trendy Moms . We created it for socializing and to get new followers, fans, subscribers, readers without feeling overwhelmed. Every week will be a new link-up that will focus on one of the ways you connect with people through your blog! We will rotate through gaining followers, fans, Networked blogs and more. Link-up and focus on one thing at a time. Its about fun one follower,fan and reader at a time!
Grab the link-up button and post It's a Social Parade!! Wednesday Link-up. Every Wednesday a new linky will be posted with that weeks exchange info.

This week is Fan-Page Round Up!!

And don't worry you do not have to carry this button or any button of ours on your side bars. Your blog sidebars are great real estate and we respect that : ) The button needs to be posted in your participation post only.
How it works
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